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Becoming a Realtor

The state of Oklahoma offers three types of licenses: provisional sales associate, sales associate and broker. These are the requirements for the provisional sales associate license:
  • Be of good moral character
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Submit evidence to the commission of successful completion of an approved 90 hour basic real estate course, OR
  • Submit proof of completion of six college credit hours in a real estate discipline
  • Complete your education within the previous 36 months prior to application

A provisional sales associate (PSA) is considered an entry-level position under the supervision of a real estate broker. If you're a PSA, you can't enter into contractual agreements with a customer or client in your own name. Instead, you must enter into the agreement with the name of your sponsoring broker.

The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission will allow you to sign with a broker before you take the exam. But, this isn't a pre-exam requirement. Once you pass the state examination and obtain your PSA, you'll need to complete a post license course consisting of 45 hours within the first year you hold your license. If you have completed at least 45 hours of property management or commercial real estate courses, it is possible these classes will meet the post license requirements. It's best that you contact the Commission prior to enrolling in these classes to ensure they will qualify. At the end of your one-year license, you'll need to submit evidence that you've completed your post-licensing course. Be prepared to submit the fees with the appropriate form.